About Us

DNK Machinery Industry Trade Limited Company, created in 2023 and headquartered in Malatya, Turkey, provides casting solutions to industries like energy, mining, cement, construction, glass, steel, railways, and general machinery. The company serves a large number of renowned consumers around the world, and its goal is to strengthen its market position within this significant customer base. Material groups used in casting projects, whether complex or simple, include carbon steels, low alloy steels, high alloy steels, manganese steels, gray cast iron, nodular cast iron, white cast iron, and Ni-hard. In addition to these activities, the company has services in forging and products of Hardox materials.

Our Vision

With the highest sincerity, it is destined to fulfill the expectations of our customers.

Our Mission

As a growth-oriented company, to develop trusting relationships through inspired mechanical and metalurgical solutions.

Let's work together!